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American Radio Theater

Dec 27, 2014

On December 23, 2014, ART member, Robert E. Hutchison. passed away and the Lexington Chapter lost a founding and an irreplaceable member of our troupe. Our grief is tempered by the knowledge that Bob will always be with us in our hearts and in our memories. Bob played many roles for ART over the years and made each and...

Dec 9, 2014

By popular demand, we present a new production of a show that has become an American Radio Theater Christmas classic.  Veteran newspaperman, Perry Brown, and his photographer, Al Vogel, are in for an unforgettable Christmas Eve adventure  when their editor gives them a very special and important assignment.

This program...

Dec 1, 2014

ART presents a fanciful  tale of horror, based on a short story by David Templeton.  Who could possibly dread Christmas Eve... and why?

Nov 1, 2014

Sam finds himself as  juror number eleven in a murder trial but the State's main witness is missing.    Undeterred by the fact that he is supposed to be sequestered,  Sam goes looking for the witness. 

Oct 5, 2014

Beverly Washburn was our special guest for Radio Studio 2014.  From radio to tv and movies, with a few cult classics along the way, Beverly has had an extraordinary career.,  She took a few minutes to reminisce  with us in this interview recorded at the conclusion of our Saturday evening show.